George Wallace Main Street Home Inspections, Chestertown, MD

I have been using Identify & Report for several years. Sterling Smiddy and’s Identify & Report bring a rare combination and expertise and thirst to continue in creating a Professional Software Program. He also provide Live Support and updates. His service far superior to most and this helps us all in providing a clear and professional report our clients deserve.

Andy Counter – Counter Home Inspections, Conroe, Tx

I highly recommend Sterling and his Identify & report software. His technical support and report writing software help me to deliver great reports in a timely manner to my clients.

Chad McAninch – Barto’s Home Inspections, Pennsylvania.

I have been using the Identify and Report Home Inspection Software for the past 2 years. Reports are very easy to read and not too lengthy. We use to get a lot of compliments from our Clients and Realtors on the appearance and content. Not any longer, You are able to customize the Identify & Report software which saves so much time. The Support Service from Sterling is incredible which is very important when these reports need to be completed in a timely manner as we all know. I highly recommend this software program to any home inspector.

Matt Lowcher – Coastal Home Inspections, Nags Head, NC 27959

I have had exceptional customer service from the Inspection Group.   I highly recommend their Identify and Report Software to all Home Inspectors.  I have been using variations of reports put together from this company since 1993.

Jerry Brown, North Star Inspections, Willis Texas,

I have a small Inspection Company in Southeast Texas (Houston Area) I have been using this software for over 4 years. We have 4 inspectors in our company and we all use Identify & Report. Our customers and realtors love our reports the software runs well and allows you to get your life back by not staying up all night writing reports. You can customize the pull down comments for your area making your field entries quick and easy.  Feel free to contact me directly Jerry Brown (North Star Inspections) 936-524-4505.

Mike Nelson, Master Inspector,

I can vouch for Sterling’s Identify & Report Inspection Software,  I’ve been using it in one form or another of his for 21 years, and his support is the best. Inspectors Brotherhood

Ray Pool, Home Inspection of Marion County, Ocala Fl.,

  I have been using Identify and Report for since I started my business in 90’s. I have seen other software programs and done demos and have to say that nothing beats Identify and Report. It is comprehensive without being so in depth that nobody wants to read it. I have 2 other inspectors including my son and have performed thousands of inspections using this software. I am currently training a 3rd inspector and look forward to putting him on the system. I am a big stickler when if comes to customer service and I put Identify and Report in the same category as American Express. They go above and beyond each and every time and have for years and years. I have never had a report late due to the software and can always count on a quick response no matter the time of day or night. There is always someone claiming something newer, faster, and better but what good is software if there is nobody to talk to when you have an issue. Rest assured when you become part of the Identify and Report family you will never have to worry about your report software slowing you down. I highly recommend this product and would not even thing about changing.