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Created by Inspectors for Inspectors®
Build your "Identify and Report Professional" Modules
Wind Mitigation: $99.00
Standard Four Point: $99.00
Four Point Citizens: $99.00
Roof, HVAC, Heat Certification: $99.00
Risk Analysis: $99.00
Risk / Four Point: $99.00
Pest Inspection: $99.00
Mold Reporting: $99.00
Thermal Image Reporting: $99.00
B e s t V a l u e
One Module : $ 99.00
Any Three Modules: $199.00

Pick Your Add-on Modules:
As a Stand Alone With Out
Identify & Report Home And Building Professional Software
Any One
Support for add-on Modules are included with Home Home And Building Inspection Software.
With All Modules Texas REI 7-4 with Well-Septic Dye Test = $495.00 No iPad

S e l e c t Q u a n t i t y P u r c h a s e d
: $99.00   Any Three Modules:$199.00
After Purchasing Register Your Module
M o d u l e('s) R e g i s t r a t i o n F o r m .


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