This Page shows you how to install Property Damage Tracking & Disclosure Onto iPad or iPhone

To use “Property Damage Tracking & Disclosure” you will need to install “FileMaker Go 13” or “Filemaker Go 14” App FIRST. These apps are designed for both iPhone and iPad.

“FileMakerGo 13” App Store

“FileMaker Go 14” App Store

FileMaker Go Video Instructions

Instructions for installing “Property Damage Tracking & Disclosure” on iPad or iPhone

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S t e p – B y – S t e p

1. Turn on iPad (You don’t need to connect to your computer).
2. On iPad Open Safari go to “” Navigate To This Page.
Select: iPad Damage Tracking Download
ipad damage tracking download

NOTE: Down Load Speed Depends on your internet Connection.

Select: Open in “FileMaker Go”
ipad damage tracking download fmpur file
Select: Auto Open iPad Damage Tracking
recent files damage
Screen Shout: Property Damage Tracking & Disclosure
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